RTMT LLC officially presents the new corporate identity of the company.


RTMT LLC officially presents the new corporate identity of the company.

The active development that RTMT LLC planned for the coming years was to be reflected in the renewal of the company's image. That is why the company's management decided to develop a corporate identity that will present the company in a new light on the Russian and European markets. In fact, the new corporate identity was created from scratch. Only the idea of a combination of gray and green colors remained from the previous one. However, now green, replaced by one of its shades (the color “moray eel”), has acquired greater depth and expressiveness.

The new logo of RTMT LLC is a stylized image of a wing enclosed in a circle. A coin is symbolically depicted at the base of the wing. This creates a dynamic image of a company striving for active industrial and financial development. The change of the logo entailed a change in the design of the entire package of business documentation and promotional materials of RTMT LLC. The new corporate identity carries a broader semantic load and does not focus only on the sphere of the company's trading interests. RTMT LLC does not intend to limit itself to the supply of valves to the oil and gas market, but will systematically expand. The main priorities of the company will be international cooperation, expansion of the sales market, creation of new jobs, provision of social guarantees for employees.

"The creation of a new corporate identity has become an important stage in the further development of our company," said A. P. Shusharin, General Director of RTMT LLC. He stressed that “the company's management attaches great importance to maintaining its position in the market of suppliers of oil and gas equipment and expanding its production capabilities. And it is the visual renewal of the company's image that will be an important milestone on this path.”

All the work on changing the corporate identity of RTMT LLC was carried out by the partner of the enterprise — the advertising agency "Brand Sign".