Reverse fittings

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    The company LLC "RTMT" produces high-quality return pipe fittings. The reverse-acting valve is capable of performing tasks for a long time to prevent the movement of the working medium in the wrong direction. All models implemented by us have an automatic principle of operation and are distinguished by an instant reaction to the appearance of prerequisites for an emergency situation. The products of this line are excellent for providing effective protection of main lines, pumping stations, industrial tanks and other equipment at household, municipal and industrial facilities.

    Specifics and classification

    During the manufacture of reverse fittings, we use high-quality steel of proven brands and a special anti-corrosion coating. The products are equipped with a collapsible or solid body and durable seals to create hermetic connections of increased reliability.

    Products of this type are presented in our catalog in two large groups:

    • Closures. Designed for installation on highways with any degree of contamination of the working environment. The main part of the gate is the locking element, which is a circular disk: this configuration provides a high-quality overlap of the inner section of the pipe. Fittings of this type are suitable for installation on vertical and horizontal lines.
    • Valves. Designed for networks with a low level of environmental pollution. The shutter function here is performed by a spool moving along the flow vector. The valves are suitable only for horizontal sections of the pipeline. According to the type of configuration, they are straight and angular (90 degrees).

    Advantages of the RTMT reverse valve

    The reverse fittings we offer have a number of strengths:

    • possibility of use at various temperature and pressure indicators;
    • compact, simple and reliable design;
    • the ability to instantly respond to any deviations from the specified operating parameters;
    • high anti-corrosion characteristics, pronounced wear resistance;
    • significant operational life (from 20 years).

    The catalog on our website presents reliable check valves and closures for main lines with a diameter of up to 400 mm. Limits on the pressure of the working medium — up to 40 MPa. To order a model suitable for you with delivery, use the feedback phone or a convenient form on the website.

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