Reverse valves

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15 000 Reverse steel valves RTZO11
  • Diameter (DN): 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
  • Pressure PN: 1,6
  • Material: Steel 20
  • Connection type: Flanged
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    In order for the working medium inside the pipeline communications to move only in a given direction, reverse valves are used. In case of a change in the vector of movement of liquid or gas, the valve closes the cross-section of the line independently. The inclusion of a reverse gate in the main line makes it possible to reliably protect all elements of the system (equipment, devices, aggregates, pumps, pipes) from fluctuations in the parameters of the technological process.


    The strengths of the reverse valves:

    • the use of hard wear-resistant materials with anticorrosive properties as a material for the manufacture of seals;
    • high quality steel housing, despite its small size and comparative lightness;
    • solidity (the product is made without welds);
    • easy to install, maintain and repair;
    • the availability of the option of a separate order of the shutter assembly and the ability to quickly replace a worn element without fitting;
    • several variants of the climatic design of the product, which allows you to choose the right model depending on the operating conditions;
    • the possibility of manufacturing a shutter according to an individual project.
    AppointmentTo prevent the backflow of the medium in the pipeline 
    Standard for manufacturingTU 3742-004-71634056-2010 
    Type of reinforcementReverse 
    Type of reinforcementReverse shutter RTZORTZO11
    Sealing class of the shutterclass "A, B, C, D" according to GOST 9544 depending on PN 
    Conducted environmentWater, steam, oil, liquid and gaseous petroleum products, water-gas-oil mixtures, natural and associated gas, including those containing hydrogen sulfide, other media in relation to which the material of the valve parts is corrosion-resistantSpecified when ordering. For corrosive media, the concentration of active substances is indicated.
    Temperature of the conducted mediumfrom minus 60 ° C to 560 °C, depends on the material of the valve partsSpecified when ordering, In the absence of requirements, it is delivered according to the technical documentation of RTMT LLC
    Climatic design and accommodation categoryU1, HL1, UHL1, T1 GOST 15150. Other types of climatic versions and accommodation categories are allowed.Specified when ordering
    Category of earthquake resistance– non-earthquake–resistant version of CO (up to 6 points inclusive on the MSK–64 scale); - earthquake-resistant version of C (over 6 to 9 points inclusive); - performance of increased seismic resistance of PS (over 9 to 10 points inclusive).Specified when ordering. In the absence of a requirement, it is supplied in a non-seismic (C0) version
    Installation positionOn horizontal, lifting and vertical (with the medium supply from the bottom up by the arrow on the housing) pipeline sections 
    Type of managementAutomatic under the influence of the conducted environment 
    Connection to the pipelineFlanged, coupling type, with flanges according to GOST 33259 type 11Specified when ordering. It is possible to perform cutting for a specific pipe. In the absence of requirements for cutting for a specific pipe, it is supplied according to the technical documentation of RTMT LLC
    Type of coatingFactory anti-corrosion coating, coating for ground installation, coating for underground installation according to special requirementsSpecified when ordering. In the absence of a requirement, it is supplied with a factory anti-corrosion coating.
    Average service life20 years 

    The check valve refers to protective fittings designed for installation on pipes in order to prevent the flow from moving in the wrong direction. The product has a simple design, triggering automatically. Check valves from RTMT LLC are excellent for ensuring the safety of pipeline networks in case of malfunctions of pumping equipment or in case of extreme pressure drop on adjacent lines of the system.

    Application areas

    Check valves are included in the complete set of various equipment and networks:

    • lines for the transportation of water, gas, heat, aggressive media;
    • ventilation and fire extinguishing systems;
    • industrial and household equipment.

    Thanks to a well-thought-out design, reverse-acting valves are allowed to be installed on vertical, inclined and horizontal trunk lines. The main thing is to observe the direction of movement of the working medium according to the pointer on the housing. Products of this type from LLC "RTMT" are designed for a cross-section of 40-250 mm and maintain their performance at temperatures up to +560 degrees and pressure up to 27 MPa.

    Design features

    The structure of the shutter includes a durable steel body, with a built-in disc flap. When the pipe is empty, the element is pressed tightly against the seat. After the start of the movement of the working medium, the locking part begins to turn around the axis. Upon completion of the flow, it moves to its starting position under the influence of gravity, preventing the possibility of moving the working medium in the opposite direction.

    The main types of reverse shutter:

    • Simple ones. They function due to their own weight and inertia of the flow.
    • Unstressed. The complete set of fittings includes dampers and loads that reduce the impact load on the landing seat.

    To find out the cost or order a suitable version of the reverse shutter at the manufacturer's price, call our manager by phone feedback.

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