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    The company LLC "RTMT" specializes in the manufacture and sale of certified pipe fittings, which are suitable for installation on highways for various purposes (domestic, industrial, municipal, etc.). Our production facilities are located at the enterprise in Kurgan. The equipment of the plant includes machines and equipment from Italy, Germany, Austria and South Korea. During the design, production and inspection of products, the current domestic and international standards are taken as a guideline.

    The range of the company

    The leading positions among our products are occupied by special devices that provide high-quality control of the movement of working environments. The fittings manufactured by us operate on the principle of changing the parameters of the through diameter. On the company's website there is a catalog with a list of products sold for different types of pipes and equipment. The classification of products of LLC "RTMT" is carried out according to the material of manufacture, type of construction, working pressure parameters, installation method, etc.

    The main types of pipe fittings, based on its functions:

    • The reverse. With its help, the probability of moving the working medium inside the pipe in the opposite direction is eliminated. To do this, the principle of emergency cutting off of the problematic sector of the highway is used. This product line includes valves and automatic actuation valves.
    • Shut-off and regulating. Universal models used to completely cut off the flow and adjust its pressure through partial line overlap. Typical representatives of shut-off and regulating devices are ball valves of manual or drive type.
    • Shut-off. Provides complete blocking of the movement of the environment in the event of an emergency or during repair activities. These products are represented in our catalog by valves and wedge valves.
    • Safety. It is used to protect communications from pressure surges by automatically dumping excess medium. We offer two types of safety valves — spring valves and special switching devices.

    Advantages of RTMT pipe fittings

    As a material for manufacturing our products, we use high-quality steel (stamped and cast), additionally equipped with an anti-corrosion coating. The complete set of each product includes reliable seals. Advantages of our fittings:

    • high reliability of the created connections;
    • the ability to maintain consumer characteristics at temperatures from -60 to +560 degrees;
    • universalism in terms of the working environment used;
    • simplicity and ease of operation in any mode (manual, automatic);
    • decent durability — about 20 years.

    In our catalog there are certified fittings for mains with a diameter of 15-400 mm and a working medium pressure of up to 40 MPa. During the order process, specify the type of execution (standard or individual).

    Why it is profitable to work with us

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      Russian manufacturer
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      Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Sibur, Transneft.
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      Accreditation in systems
      Transneft, Sibur, Gazpromneft
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      We work according to standards and uniform technical requirements
      ETT Rosneft, Nizhnekamsk Neftekhim
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      All products are confirmed by tests and quality certificates.
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      Product development for your unique requirements