Wedge gate valves for butt welding

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    The type of shut-off valves for butt welding is one of the most reliable connections of the shut-off and adjustment element and the pipeline system. Welded wedge gate valves are used for long-term and highly reliable installation in hard-to-reach places for maintenance.

    The RTMT company accepts orders for the supply of wedge valves for welding and other types of shut-off valves of various cross-sections.

    Areas of application of wedge valves for welding

    The principle of operation of the wedge equipment is based on changing the flow section of the pipe by moving the wedge mounted on a movable spindle into the valve body. The spindle is actuated by turning the steering wheel or by an electric drive.

    Wedge products with welded joints are used for transportation:

    • water;
    • couple;
    • oil and petroleum products;
    • natural gas.

    The valve can withstand a working pressure of 1.6-25 MPa, can be installed in cold, temperate, tropical climates, vertical arrangement is allowed.

    Where to buy wedge gate valves for butt welding

    You can buy wedge shut-off valves for butt welding in the company "RTMT". Own production fully meets the needs of customers. To order the company's products, call us, fill out an application on our website or send an e-mail request.

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