CJSC "OT Industries-DKG" for mechanical engineering (CJSC "DKG-EAST")

The Hungarian company CJSC "OT Industries-DKG" was founded in 1944 and over the following years turned into one of the largest European bases for the production of equipment and fittings for the chemical and oil and gas complex.The products of CJSC "OT Industries-DKG" are mostly the product of their own developments. Over the past 66 years, CJSC "OT Industries-DKG" has repeatedly proved in practice the effectiveness of the technologies used, as well as the reliability of its products.

LOG VALVE LLC is a Hungarian plant for the production of oil and gas equipment.

The company was founded in the city of Lenti in 1983 by its predecessor JSC "DKG-EAST" with 70 years of experience in the oil and gas and chemical industries. This professional legacy is currently embedded in the ongoing work on the development of equipment with the use of modern tools and knowledge. LOG VALVE LLC independently designs, designs and manufactures shut-off valves. The implementation of the full process on its own allows you to fulfill the requirements of unique customer requests.

Technical development, modernization of design and production are continuously carried out. When designing, modern 3D programs and the finite element method are used to carry out non-standard calculations for strength and hydrodynamics. Strength calculation, selection of materials, manufacturing and testing are carried out according to the requirements of international standards.  In the design and development of manufacturing technology, the company has extensive experience in the application of materials and test methods that meet the special requirements of the customer - for example, for corrosive environments, acidic environments, etc. 

The quality management system and products are certified according to international standards. The company has the ISO 9001:2000 standard and many other certificates.

Modern production processes, a highly effective quality assurance program and fifty years of experience are the main pillar of the company's efficiency. Highly qualified specialists are involved in the production of a wide range of products.

The plant produces a wide range of equipment: ball valves, wellhead equipment, valves for fountain valves, PHGT type gate valves, wedge valves, pressure vessels, columns, filter separators, heat exchangers, high-speed valves of the "Flash-L" type, receiving and starting chambers of various types.

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IC Enerpred-Yardos LLC

The plant is located in Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region. The main direction: design and manufacture of shut-off and regulating ball valves DN from 6 to 300, PN up to 32.0 MPa.