Electric actuators for pipe fittings
In order to increase the efficiency of production processes against the background of a constant increase in energy carriers and raw materials, an active search is being carried out for options for optimizing the management of transport highways through pipeline fittings.
Design features of the rotary disc shutter
Rotary disc valves are often found in various pipelines. The popularity of products of this type is explained by the simplicity of their design and the possibility of self-installation.
What is a balancing valve
The efficiency of the heating system largely depends on its configuration. Among the most important auxiliary components of the heating circuit, the balancing valve stands out especially (it is also called a balancing valve and a crane).
What are the valves mounted for?
Valves are flanged or welded fittings for pipelines. Products of this type are widely used on highways for various purposes.
Advantages and disadvantages of valves
Valves are an integral part of the complete set of any pipeline. Their purpose is to completely or partially block the highway.
What kind of fittings are there for adjustment
Most of the engineering networks involved in the transportation of water, gaseous, oil and other media need flow control.
What is a water measuring unit
Not so long ago, a water meter node appeared in the list of nodes required for installation in each house.
How the valve is mounted
Gate valves are irreplaceable elements present on almost every pipeline. During installation, a number of regulations must be observed.
What are the valves for water pipes
Valves are among the most popular types of shut-off valves. Thanks to them, it is possible to increase the functionality of the systems by an order of magnitude.
Classification of shut-off valves
Modern pipelines are complex systems consisting of various nodes. The reliability and efficiency of engineering networks largely depends on properly selected shut-off valves.