What is a water measuring unit

Not so long ago, a water meter node appeared in the list of nodes required for installation in each house. It makes it possible to record the exact amount of water consumed, which is then taken into account when making utility payments. As a result, the service company gets the opportunity to clearly plan its activities, and the consumer – to keep personal water consumption under control.

Classification of water measuring units

The main part of the unit for measuring water is a meter that records the amount of liquid that has passed through this section of the pipe. Water meters can be electromagnetic, ultrasonic, tachometric and vortex. Tachometric devices have become the most widespread among ordinary consumers.

They are presented in the following varieties:

Installation Recommendations

The water measuring unit is best mounted on a working line that has been washed and pressed before. The point of placement of the meter is chosen a place convenient for inspection in a dry room with a plus temperature. General-purpose appliances are usually placed in basements or on staircases.

Due to the complexity of the installation measures, it is recommended to entrust their implementation to an experienced plumber. In addition to the meter, an additional harness is mounted for temperature control of the liquid entering the device. The specialist should not only be well versed in the intricacies of the selected tachometer, but also provide a guarantee. The easiest way is to invite representatives of the service company for this.