Electric actuators for pipe fittings

In order to increase the efficiency of production processes against the background of a constant increase in energy carriers and raw materials, an active search is being carried out for options for optimizing the management of transport highways through pipeline fittings. One of the effective ways to reduce the cost of flow control is to equip the valve with an electric drive.

Reasons for switching to electric drive equipment

One of the main trends in the development of the world economy is the automation of technological process control. This served as a good reason for the development of so-called "intelligent" fittings equipped with electronic stuffing. The sensor system allows you to monitor the technical condition of the control devices in various modes.

Advantages of using drives

Constant monitoring of the values of the torque of the electric drive allows you to quickly fix any deviations and carry out preventive maintenance. Electrical set-top boxes are able to function in the most difficult operating conditions, including direct exposure to aggressive environments.

The use of actuators in the control of shut-off and control valves (including ZKS wedge valves) leads to the following results:

The functionality of electric drives for pipe fittings has a stable tendency to expand. The list of controlled parameters and the degree of self-diagnosis of the prefix increases. To increase the reliability of the drive, the developers simplify the design of the valve as much as possible, reducing the number of moving units.