What are the valves mounted for?

Valves are flanged or welded fittings for pipelines. Products of this type are widely used on highways for various purposes. The criteria for the classification of valves are the configuration of the locking elements, the type of spindle and the material of manufacture.

Configuration of the locking element

According to the type of lock , there are valves:

Spindle Type

The valve spindle can be extendable or static. The travel nut of the retractable spindles is carried outside the transported medium and lasts much longer. The disadvantage of such models is their considerable height, which creates difficulties when choosing a suitable installation location.

The running element of the valves with a non-retractable spindle is constantly in the working environment. Usually such models are equipped with water pipelines, oil pipelines and gas pipelines, provided they are neutral to the material of the spindle manufacture. In order to save the system from gusts in case of failure of the valve spindle, it is equipped with a direct shut-off valve.

Material of manufacture and characteristics

According to the material of manufacture , flanged and welded gate valves are divided into three groups:

The operation of the device is controlled by a flywheel or an electric drive. In the modern market, valves are presented in a huge variety in diameter (50-2200 mm). Their functionality is limited to two modes – closed and open. As for adjusting the flow of the transported medium, there is no such function in the design of the valves.