Wedge gate valves with electric drive

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    The shut-off valves equipped with an electric drive are driven by an electric motor. The electric drive is installed on the spindle of the wedge gate, used for automatic control of the opening / closing of the gate valve.

    The Moscow company "RTMT" manufactures in its production wedge valves of manual control and equipped with an electric drive. The full range of products is given in the catalog.

    How does an electrically driven wedge gate valve work

    The action of wedge fittings is based on the complete or partial overlap of the pipeline section by extending the wedge. The tightness of the shutter is ensured by the high reliability of the parts and the maximum density of the wedge and body seats.

    Electric drives are used to accelerate the process of closing / opening valves, compliance with safety regulations in particularly dangerous places of installation. Electric motors operate in automatic, adjustment, remote modes.

    Fields of application of equipment with electric drive

    The fittings are designed for installation:

    • in places that are dangerous for maintenance personnel;
    • at facilities in need of operational management;
    • in systems requiring frequent changes in the flow of the working substance, opening, closing, adjusting the flow section of pipes.

    The main consumers are construction complexes, life support systems, industrial and residential facilities.

    Equipped with an electric drive, wedge valves and manual control valves are designed for installation in pipeline systems with a cross section from 160 to 330 mm. At the company "RTMT" you can buy wedge valves on an electric drive for media with a pressure of 1.6-25 MPa.

    You can order fittings online through our website. On the choice of fittings, its technical characteristics, areas of use, get advice by phone "RTMT".

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