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Shut–off flow-through steel valves RTK - shut-off and control valves in which the complete closure or adjustment of the flow of the working fluid occurs by driving the spool. The spool moves parallel to the flow using manual control (GOST R 52720-2007). The simplicity of the design, the absence of plastic and polymer parts ensures good sealing of the locking body and a long service life.

Varieties of steel shut-off valves RTK

RTK valves are installed in pipelines carrying liquid and gaseous media. They have the same flow direction and cross sections of the inlet and outlet pipes.

Steel shut-off valves TRK 310, RTC 314

A feature of the design of this shut-off valve is the displacement of the inlet and outlet pipes, which leads to a double rotation of the working medium during the passage of the valve body. Indirect transmission of the medium leads to an increase in hydraulic resistance, the appearance of stagnant zones is possible.

In the RTK 310 model, the oil seal is fixed with a hairpin connection.

In the RTK 314 model, the stuffing box is placed on folding bolts.

Steel shut-off valves RTC 320

The design of the housing is made with a displacement of the flow of the working medium (it is possible to increase the water resistance and the appearance of stagnant zones). Unlike analogues of RTK 310 – 314, which are mounted on pipes with diameters of 15, 20, 25 mm, RTK 320 are installed in pipelines with cross sections of 32 and 40 mm.

Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI 10 and RTKIR 10

Withstand the increased pressure of the working medium (from 16 to 105 MPa), the nominal diameter of the pipeline for their installation should not exceed 25 mm. They have a conical shutter (a shutter seat with a chamfer). The metal-on-metal cone seal allows the valves to be used in environments with high pressure and suspended particle content in the working fluid.

You can buy steel shut-off valves of needle or plate (spool) types in the company LLC "RTMT", engaged in the development, introduction into production and production of shut-off and control valves.

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