Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10

Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #0
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #1
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #2
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #3
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #4
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #5
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #0
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #1
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #2
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #3
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #4
Steel shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10 #5
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    • Type:РТКИ10, РТКИР10
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      • TU 3742-001-71634056-2010

        DN 5, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25

        PN 1,6; 2,5; 4,0; 6,3; 10,0; 16,0; 20,0; 25,0; 40,0; 70,0; 105,0 MPa

        Tightness class A according to GOST 9544-2015

        Table-figure: 15lsb7bkU1, 15lsb7bkHL1, 15nzhb7bk

        RTKI10, RTKIR10 — steel shut-off needle valves.

        Designed for installation in systems, monitoring and metering devices, various auxiliary piping systems, industrial installations and equipment, pressure measurement lines and other parameters of the working environment

        RTKI10 is a shut—off needle valve.
        RTKI10 is a shut—off needle valve.

        The safety of operation of pipeline systems depends on the quality of shut-off valves. Our catalog contains only reliable products with a high class of tightness.

        Purpose of needle valves

        Needle valves are used in pipeline systems in which liquid and gaseous media move. The use of products can be carried out without restrictions, including in the food industry and in industries where chemically aggressive media are transmitted through pipes.

        The most common locking mechanisms of needle design are installed in the following systems:

        • Auxiliary pipelines.
        • Industrial installations.
        • Monitoring and accounting devices.
        • Devices for measuring pressure and other important physical parameters.

        When selecting a new needle valve, the diameter of the pipeline on which this product is installed should also be taken into account.

        Advantages of needle valves RTKI10 and RTKIR10

        Needle valves RTKI10 and RTKIR10 have the following positive characteristics:

        • The use of a conical spool with a small angular deviation allows the liquid or gaseous medium to be fed smoothly. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to significantly increase the safety of operation of pipeline systems, including avoiding hydraulic shocks.
        • The housing is made of durable materials, so the locking device will last much longer. This quality is also very important in case of possible mechanical influences on the product, as well as at high pressure of the internal environment.
        • The significant service life of the product is due to the low coefficient of friction between the mating parts. In needle valves, this technical solution is represented by the work of the steel-bronze running pair.
        • RTKI10 and RTKIR10 valves have a wide variety of connection sizes, therefore they can be installed on most types of equipment of domestic and foreign production.
        • The presence of an unloading device at the RTKIR10 valve also makes it possible to extend the service life of the product. This design feature allows you to relieve pressure on the line after disconnecting the main valve.

        The RTKI10 and RTKIR10 valves can be manufactured with a different combination of thread size at the inlet and outlet of the device, which also contributes to a more versatile use of the product.

      Technical characteristics of shut-off needle valves RTKI10, RTKIR10
      AppointmentFor installation on pipelines as shut-off devices 
      Standard for manufacturingTU 3742-001-71634056-2010 
      Type of reinforcementShut - off 
      Type of reinforcementShut-off needle valvesRTKI10, RTKIR10
      Sealing class of the shutterClass "A" GOST 9544-2015 
      Conducted environmentWater, steam, oil, liquid and gaseous petroleum products, water-gas-oil mixtures, natural and associated gas, including those containing hydrogen sulfide, other media in relation to which the material of valve parts is corrosion-resistantSpecified when ordering
      For corrosive media, the concentration of active substances is indicated
      Temperature of the conducted mediumfrom minus 60 °C to plus 560 °C, depends on the material of the valve parts 
      Climatic design and accommodation category

      U1, HL1, UHL1, T1 GOST 15150

      Other types of climatic versions and accommodation categories are allowed

      Specified when ordering
      Category of earthquake resistance
      • non–seismic performance C0 (up to 6 points inclusive on the MSK-64 scale);
      • earthquake-resistant design With (over 6 to 9 points inclusive);
      • performance of increased seismic resistance of the PS (over 9 to 10 points inclusive).
      Specified when ordering
      In the absence of a requirement, it is supplied in a non-seismic (C0) version
      Installation positionany 
      Spindle sealStuffing box, with packing rings of thermally expanded graphite 
      Type of managementmanual 
      Connection to the pipeline
      • coupling (Rc, G, M, K, etc.)
      • fitting (R, G, M, K, etc.)
      Specified when ordering
      For valves, the size of the connecting thread is indicated. In the absence of requirements for the execution of the connection, it is supplied according to the technical documentation of RTMT LLC.
      Type of coatingFactory anti-corrosion coating, coating for above-ground installation according to special requirementsSpecified when ordering
      In the absence of a requirement, it is supplied with a factory anti-corrosion coating
      Average service life20 years 
      Table of materials of the main parts of the valves RTKI10, RTKIR10
      Part NameMaterial execution of the main parts
      BodySteel 40XSteel 40XSteel 08H18N10T  
      CapSteel 20Steel 09G2SSteel 08H18N10TSteel 08H18N10T30XMA steel
      SpindleSteel 20X13Steel 20X1321X14N2M2BF21X14N2M2BFSteel 20X13
      Oil sealSteel 20Steel 09G2SSteel 08H18N10TSteel 08H18N10TSteel 20X13
      Threaded bushingBrazhn 10-3-1,5Brazhn 10-3-1,5Brazhn 10-3-1,5Brazhn 10-3-1,5Steel 20X13

      Stuffing box

      Table of the main valve sizes
      Connection to the pipelineDNPN, MPaConstruction length, mmN, mmThread RD, mmWeight, kgRice.
      Coupling, coupling with discharge valve61,6–40,06810663Rc 1/4''650,71, 2
      61,6–40,06810663K 1/4''650,71, 2
      101,6–40,06810663Rc 3/8''650,71, 2
      101,6–40,06810663K 3/8''650,71, 2
      151,6–40,06810663Rc 1/2''650,61, 2
      151,6–40,06810663G1/2''650,61, 2
      151,6–40,06810663K1/2''650,61, 2
      151,6–40,06810663M20×1,5650,61, 2
      151,6–40,06810663M22×1,5650,61, 2
      201,6–40,010010087Rc3/4''650,91, 2
      251,6–40,010010090Rc 1''651,01, 2
      Fitting, fitting with discharge valve151,6–40,06810663Rc 1/2''650,71, 3
      201,6–40,010010087Rc 3/4''651,01, 3
      251,6–40,010010090R 1''651,11, 3
      Fitting514,0; 21,0; 35,0; 70,0; 105,01151281/2-14NPT601,64

      It is possible to manufacture valves with various combinations of thread types on the inlet and outlet pipes.

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