RTMT in the newspaper "Kurgan and its Citizens"


There is a place for a programmer at the factory!

RTMT in the newspaper "Kurgan and its Citizens"

Why is Ivan Moskvin glad that he has changed from a comfortable office to an industrial workshop

Ten years ago, a programmer, and today an adjuster of CNC machines of the 5th category, Ivan Moskvin, did not even think that he would work at the machine at the factory. During his studies, he worked part-time in the office of one of the companies.

— Even then I began to realize that I lacked dynamics in the workplace. They offered to work as an adjuster at the Icarus plant. I decided to try myself in production and quickly got involved. Programming skills, of course, helped in setting up the machines, and a good mentor. After graduating from university, I decided to stay at the factory, after all, production is closer to me than a boring office, plus I managed to earn a multiple. Later he got a job at the RTMT plant as an adjuster for a machine of an Italian company Trevisan. Like it. When you work at a serious enterprise, you feel some kind of security. The salary is good, stable. There are social guarantees. The work itself is interesting and addictive," says Ivan.

Valves and gate valves manufactured by the RTMT LLC plant work both at fields and at oil and gas processing plants. The equipment can withstand up to 700 atmospheres — and this is not the limit. The company plans to start producing products designed for ultra-high pressure and larger diameter fittings. The tasks are serious, only professionals can perform them. Therefore, the requirements for specialists are high. And equipment to match. Ivan's five—axis machining center is a three-meter machine that can make, for example, a housing or a cover of a pipeline valve from a rough metal billet. There are dozens of high-precision operations behind this. For each such operation, the machine needs to be programmed correctly, for which Ivan is responsible.

In fact, this multimillion–dollar machine is a large and complex computer. He communicates only in the language of numbers and formulas. But with Ivan, they understand each other perfectly.

— Each product has its own program. I'm writing them from scratch. If this is a simple program, you can manage it in four hours. But sometimes you get so carried away that you won't notice how the day has passed. And you think: why so fast! Another couple of hours… I won't leave my job until I finish it," Ivan admits.

To write a program for some part that will be processed on this machine, numbers and formulas are not enough. Everything needs to be taken into account here – the features of the metal you work with, the tools you need to choose correctly, the processing modes.

— You know, some people have such a stereotype that people with low qualifications work in factories. So, this is a big misconception! — says Ivan. — Modern equipment will simply oblige you to be a professional, learn and improve your level. Otherwise, you will not become a good specialist, and these are the ones that are needed in factories now.

Ivan studies constantly – both from the company and independently. Participation and victories in professional competitions not only confirm his knowledge, but also help to gain new experience. A few years ago, he became the best adjuster of CNC machines in the regional competition of professional skills and took fourth place in the competition "Glorify the man of labor" of the Ural Federal District. In 2015, he was awarded the award of the Head of Kurgan for working youth – the winner is given not only a diploma, but also a solid award in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. So knowledge is capital in the truest sense of the word.

By his example, Ivan dispelled two more stereotypes: that factories pay little, and that working at the machine is boring and monotonous.

— For the first full month, I earned twice as much at the factory as in the office. And in the second month – already three times more, — he says. — A good specialist will earn well. But for this you need to work hard.

Ivan says that not a single day at the factory is like the previous one. Every time there are new tasks: you either make new parts, or write new programs, or study new systems on the machine, and there are many of them and they are all different. You can make ten small parts in a day, or you can make one large and complex one for 12 hours in a row. This often happens.

By the way, Ivan saw how these products work right at the field – somehow Surgutneftegaz organized an excursion. He recalls: "We were at the field where the fountain fittings are installed, and a lot of valves depart from it. It looks large-scale, impressive."

He is sure that he is unlikely to get bored at the factory. Despite the fact that he has been working with his machine for ten years, the capabilities of this machine have not yet been fully explored. The device is too complicated. And the systems are constantly being updated and optimized. This needs to be monitored and delved into. So there is a lot of work ahead.

Director of the Separate division "Kurgan" LLC "RTMT" Igor Enbaev:

— Ivan is not just a machine operator or adjuster. Firstly, he is a programmer, and of a very good level. For such a machine, it is not just necessary to write a program correctly or to make a finished part of a very complex shape from a piece of iron. And secondly, he is a developed and versatile person. The specialist now has to understand metal science, the product range, and the capabilities of the machine. The company needs employees who can responsibly and competently perform any task without the "supervision" of quality control controllers. Ivan is exactly the person in whom you can be sure: if he does, he does it qualitatively.


The RTMT plant joined the Kurgan territorial-industrial cluster "New technologies of armature construction" in 2014 and was one of the first. The cluster together with the enterprises is engaged in the promotion of Kurgan products on the market – and this is one of its main tasks.

For this purpose, in particular, the cluster helps enterprises with participation in large-scale specialized exhibitions in other regions and organizes such events in Kurgan with the invitation of leading oil and gas producing and processing companies.