Pipeline fittings of chemical industries

The modern industrial industry cannot do without enterprises engaged in the production of various chemicals. To ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, it is necessary to use high-quality pipe fittings that will function reliably in a chemically aggressive working environment transported through the production facility.

There are many foreign and domestic companies offering such fittings, so let's figure out what difficulties the owners of such enterprises will face.

Features of pipe fittings for chemical industries

Many facilities producing chemical products use fittings from stock for the conversion of systems. But these actions are not always correct: firstly, you need to be careful with the storage periods of equipment, and secondly, it is important to comply with all the conditions of warranty and warehouse maintenance. The slightest violations will lead to damage to the fittings, loss of technical and operational properties.

Analyzing the working conditions of chemical enterprises, engineers came to the conclusion that it is best to use pipe fittings made of polymer materials. It will not be superfluous to apply lined and gummed products. The corner gate valves made of titanium proved to be worse here, which turned out to be extremely unstable to the influence of a chemically active medium.

The main types of fittings for chemical industries

The main types of pipe fittings used in chemical enterprises include:

Only reliable, sealed and high-quality pipe fittings can guarantee that the company will produce high-quality chemical products. In addition, the owners of production facilities will face a lot of trouble if they violate the rules of operation and storage of valves, since the chemical industry has an extremely negative impact on nature and the environment as a whole.