Choosing between a disc and a rotary shutter

Pipeline valves and classic valves are used in systems to perform the same functions, but still the former are considered more modern and advanced devices. The design features and operating conditions of disc and rotary valves will be discussed below.

Features of the application of the disc shutter

Unlike the classical gate valve, the pipeline gate has a number of advantages. Firstly, it takes much less time to open and close it, it is possible to smoothly adjust the flow rate of the working medium, although the accuracy of such a setting is far from ideal. To open or close the pipeline, it is required to rotate the special disk by 90 degrees. When operating the shutter, several positions can be used as an element of the control valve.

When choosing a disc shutter, you need to focus on the flow rate of the medium in the pipeline, which fits into the rotation of the disc in the range of 15-75 degrees. At this value, the flow rate is proportional, and the working environment does not harm the gate itself in any way.

If the flow rate is regulated in a narrow slit, then a cavitation process is observed when the seal and coating of the working disk are destroyed. Elastic seals are used to eliminate any leaks. With competent and technically correct operation, disc valves, as well as reverse flanged valves, work for up to 10 years, after which replacement of seals is necessary. If the seals are made of metal, it is important to ensure that the water is cleaned of solid particles, which cause loss of tightness.

Features of operation of rotary valves

The rotary shutter can be mounted in the desired position, but larger products should be used so that the stem is positioned horizontally. Otherwise, during vertical installation, the probability of jamming increases, which is associated with the ingress of large debris particles.

The products are characterized by a small mounting length, which is 4-5 times smaller than the classic gate valve. In addition to its compact size, the device has a lower weight – 7-8 times less than the same valves.