How to fix a leak in a metal pipe

Leaks often occur on metal pipes of heating and water supply systems. This can lead to the most unpleasant consequences, including the destruction of floors and walls of neighbors from below. The leak will need to be fixed as soon as possible, but if you do not have the time or money to replace the pipe, then you can use one of the proven temporary methods.

The first way

The cause of the leak may be pipe wear, rust, poor welded joint or frozen pipes. Regardless of this, one of the simplest methods may suit you.

If a leak has appeared on the pipe thread, then you can apply a medical bandage. Moisten it in water and sprinkle with salt, then tightly wrap the leak site. For each turn, you will need to sprinkle the bandage with new salt.

Please note that this method can only be used as a temporary solution to the problem while you are waiting for the arrival of the masters.

The second way

The second method involves the use of a wide medical bandage. Dilute the cement in water to get a mushy mixture, then moisten a medical bandage in it. Wrap the leak site (if a straight shut-off valve is not installed in front of it), pressing the bandage as tightly as possible. Make as many layers as possible. After a couple of hours, the cement will harden, and all leak sites will be sealed. If you are not going to change the pipe, then after hardening, clean the winding with sandpaper and paint.

However, in the long term, it is impossible to leave the pipe in this condition. On the other hand, the patch turns out to be more reliable than the first method.

The third way

In this case, you will need a special clamp. You can find clamps of different sizes in the store, the specific one is selected depending on the diameter of the punched pipe. Next, a piece of rubber is placed under the clamp. You can cut it out of a bicycle tire, a boot or a work glove.

Instead of a clamp, you can use:

The fourth way

This method is suitable if you cannot block the water, and the clamp does not want to hold. This means that the cause of the leak is a fistula. Make a small wooden wedge of a conical shape and drive it into the hole of the pipe. This should be done as carefully as possible.

However, this is only a temporary measure to eliminate the leak, then you need to call the masters.