How to choose and where to mount the check valves

In everyday life and when laying branched plumbing and industrial communications, a variety of standard sizes of return valves are used. The duration and complexity of installation work depends on the correct choice of their type.

Types of reverse valves

The standard sizes of this technique are distinguished by:

Premises of the house in which the installation of shut-off valves is required

Taking into account the peculiarities of operation of this type of pipe fittings, they are installed:

The main shut-off valve for water turns off its supply to the whole house and is usually located in the basement or on the outer wall in the service area of the building.This main valve is designed to prevent accidents of the water supply, or in case of an operational shutdown of the water supply for repair work.

Factors to be taken into account when installing check valves

In most cases, the limiting circumstances are:

Brass or bronze valves also help to restore the operability of the valve when the previous values of temperature and/or pressure are stabilized.