How to choose the control valve yourself

Practically all transportation processes related to the transfer of substances in various aggregate states (gas, liquid) must be constantly monitored and adjusted. Periodically, even the flow of substances needs to be regulated. To solve this problem, you will have to use a special control valve installed on the main line.

Technical parameters of control valves

The control valve can be described by several important technical and operational characteristics. Depending on their size, a specific device is selected.

Let's list the main parameters:

The main types of control valves: the difference between KPSR and KZR

From the name it is clear that the control valves are divided into two main types – through seat control valves (KPSR) and shut-off control valves (KZR). Both devices are identical to each other in price, appearance and functionality, but still differ in internal structural elements:

Thus, it is much more efficient and safer to operate a CPSR instead of a KZR, since the first device is more technologically advanced, modern and economical. In addition, the cost of the CPSR is approximately identical to the price of the KZR, so even from this point of view it makes no sense to buy a shut-off valve.