Operational features of wedge gate valves

Wedge gate valves are designed for use as shut-off valves. During operation, these valves are usually either fully open or completely closed. When fully opened, the working medium flows through the valve in a straight line with very little resistance, so there is practically no pressure loss.


Wedge gate valves are divided depending on:

Each wedge valve size is calculated for a permissible pressure of at least 25 MPa, and the pressure limits depend on the conditional passage of the valve.

Application areas and advantages

Wedge gate valves work stably in pipelines where flow regulation or throttling is not used, or is used extremely rarely. They are recommended for systems with medium and low pressure, since high flow rates in partially open valves can cause erosion of disks and landing surfaces. At the same time, there are also high-speed wedge gate valves of the knife type, which are used in the pulp and paper industry.

Advantages of wedge gate valves:

Limitations when using

Wedge gate valves should not be used in high-speed flows, where the development of vibrations is possible. In addition, such types of fittings are characterized by:

Taking into account the above factors, the standard sizes and designs of wedge valves are selected.