Areas of application of shut-off pipe fittings

Pipe fittings are widely used in industrial and domestic systems. Due to the robust housing, which is made of anti-corrosion materials, and the simple design of the components, the products are in demand when solving various engineering tasks.

Purpose of shut-off valves

Shut–off valves for pipelines are a set of engineering units, the main purpose of which is to block or restore the flow of working fluid or gas. The devices are designed for installation on pipelines for various purposes. The medium can be either liquid or gaseous. The products provide a high level of reliability and tightness.

Areas of application of shut-off pipe fittings

Advantages of shut-off valves

The advantages of shut- off pipe fittings include:

The main requirements for shut—off valves are to optimally ensure the degree of shut-off density in the closed state, while providing minimal resistance to the environment in the open state.

Types of shut-off valves

Pipeline fittings effectively block the flow of the working medium with a high degree of tightness. The group of equipment under the term "shut-off valves" includes the following devices:

  1. Latches. The devices are used to effectively block the flow of the working medium by reciprocating the locking valve to a position perpendicular to the movement of the medium. Depending on the type of gate, the gate valves have several varieties (wedge, parallel, hose, rotary, with non-movable or retractable spindle).
  2. Disc shutters. The valve is designed to overlap or regulate the working flow by rotating the disc around its axis.
  3. Valves.
  4. Cranes. The shut-off valve blocks the passing flows of the working medium due to the rotation of the device around the axis.

Shut-off valves are classified by their location on pipelines and by the type of housing. The range of shut-off valves can be viewed here and get acquainted with the main technical characteristics of each type. There are such shut-off valves: angular, symmetrical, flow-through, direct-flow. The seals of the spindle of shut-off valves can be stuffing box, siphon and membrane. They use various types of valves (hose, piston, membrane, poppet).

Areas of application of shut-off pipe fittings

Application areas

The special design and high tightness of the shut-off valves provided the products with a wide range of applications. The products are excellent for blocking and restoring the flow of compressed air, liquid hydrocarbons and other chemicals of moderate aggressiveness.

The devices are used in the following areas:

The valve is capable of providing effective overlap of various gaseous and liquid flows. Shut-off products are used in the heating system, gas and water mains, in the chemical, petroleum, and metallurgical industries.