Which pipes are better suited for heating systems

The arrangement of any heating system begins with its design. And this stage is no less important than all subsequent actions. Only a competent and technically efficient heating system guarantees a comfortable stay in a private house. In addition to choosing a boiler, its capacity and fuel consumption, it is important to decide on pipes made of suitable materials. The efficiency of the system as a whole depends on the physical properties of the pipeline.

It is necessary to select pipes that can withstand the effects of high temperature, which will not deform or lose their useful qualities. Also important factors are wear resistance, corrosion protection, ease of installation and the possibility of prompt replacement of damaged areas.

Features of steel pipes for heating systems

For several decades, there was no decent alternative to steel pipes, so they were used for the construction of a heat pipeline in private homes. There are advantages and disadvantages here. Since the technology has been used for a very long time, it has been refined and honed to perfection. Installation of pipes with welded or connecting couplings takes a minimum of effort and time. You can also use a flanged check valve.

The main advantage of steel products is increased mechanical strength. Do not forget about the minimum degree of expansion in case of sudden temperature changes, which is typical for the heating system. The geometry of the pipes is not disturbed even with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Features of plastic pipes for heating systems

When people mastered polypropylene, plastic pipes immediately began to displace steel products from the market. More modern manufacturing technology allows you to create products with unsurpassed physical properties and a strong structure. The advantages of polypropylene pipe include a small specific, the ability to create complex configurations and geometric shapes, the absence of deposits on the inner cavity.

The best solution is metal–plastic pipes

However, by far the most popular, widespread and effective are metal-plastic pipes. These products combine all the useful properties and qualities of both steel and polypropylene pipes. The multilayer structure using aluminum and polypropylene is mounted using special fittings that do not require additional equipment. These are more expensive, but durable products.