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RTCO10 check valve #0
RTCO10 check valve #1
RTCO10 check valve #2
RTCO10 check valve #3
RTCO10 check valve #4
RTCO10 check valve #5
RTCO10 check valve #6
RTCO10 check valve #7
RTCO10 check valve #8
RTCO10 check valve #9
RTCO10 check valve #10
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      • The RTK 010 type reverse shut-off valves are designed to ensure the direct passage of working flows through pipelines and the cutting off of oppositely directed flows. It is used for installation in gas, water supply networks, pipelines carrying non-aggressive and mildly aggressive liquids. Valves are in demand during the repair and assembly of municipal and private water supply systems, at enterprises of the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and alcohol industries.

        The product is triggered automatically. When reverse flows are cut off, engineering equipment is protected from breakdowns and damage.

        Technical characteristics of the check valve

        Shut- off valves of this type are made of the following alloys:

        • Food grade stainless cryogenic steel 12X18H10T (analog AISI 321 according to the American classification) of complex chemical composition. It has high corrosion resistance, low embrittlement under prolonged exposure to high temperatures, withstands increased working pressure of the medium.
        • Low–carbon steel 09G2S is a particularly durable alloy used in pipelines carrying petroleum products and crude oil, gas. It has high temperature resistance, increased strength.
        • Stainless steel 20X13. It is used in systems that tolerate mildly aggressive chemical media. Valve elements made of this brand have increased plasticity. The products tolerate installation well in places that are not protected from precipitation, ingress of solutions of organic salts and acids.

        The fittings are made of the most popular alloys in the CIS countries and the USA. It is applicable for networks of transportation and storage of petroleum products and cryogenic engineering (in mechanical engineering).

        Advantages of RTK 010 type check valves

        • The fittings are made in three through sections DN 15, 20, 25. Depending on the materials and seals used, it can withstand pressure from 1.6 to 40 MPa.
        • Fluoroplast is used in the seals – a synthetic seal of high wear resistance. It has good thermal and mechanical resistance.
        • The tightness of fittings "A", "B", "C", "D" depends on the use of certain alloys of the RTK 010 check valve line.
        • A wide range of configurations, types of execution, coupling and flange connections.

        You can buy steel check valves of the RTK 010 type at manufacturer's prices in the manufacturer "RTMT".

      Table of materials of the main parts of RTKZ valves:
      Part NameMaterial execution of parts
      Housing, coverSteel 20Steel 20Steel 09G2SSteel 09G2S
      SpoolSteel 20X1320X13 steel with fluoroplastic sealSteel 20X1320X13 steel with fluoroplastic seal
      SaddleSteel 20X13Steel 20X13Steel 20X13Steel 20X13
      FlangeSteel 20Steel 20Steel 09G2SSteel 09G2S
      Part NameMaterial execution of parts
      Housing, coverSteel 12X18N10TSteel 12X18N10TSteel 10X17N13M3TSteel 10X17N13M3T
      SpoolSteel 21X14N2M2BFSteel 12X18N10T with fluoroplastic sealSteel 21X14N2M2BFSteel 10X17N13M2T with fluoroplastic seal
      SaddleSteel 21X14N2M2BFSteel 12X18N10TSteel 21X14N2M2BFSteel 10X17N13M2T
      FlangeSteel 12X18N10TSteel 12X18N10TSteel 10X17N13M2TSteel 10X17N13M2T
      It is possible to manufacture from 15XM, 15X5M, 18XGT, 13XFA steels
      Table of basic sizes of RTCO10 flanged connection valves
      DNMethod of joiningPN, MpaDimensions, mmWeight, kgRice.
      With matching flanges1949512193,55,01,3
      With matching flanges1949514193,55,41,3
      With matching flanges1949514193,55,41,3
      With matching flanges22410516193,56,71,3
      With matching flanges23610518193,56,71,3
      With matching flanges23610518193,56,71,3
      With matching flanges26012024234,58,71,3
      With matching flanges29412023214,59,31,3
      With matching flanges21810512264,05,21,3
      With matching flanges21610514264,05,71,3
      With matching flanges21610514264,05,71,3
      With matching flanges26412518264,011,41,3
      With matching flanges27012520264,011,41,3
      With matching flanges27012522264,011,41,3
      With matching flanges29013026295,011,71,3
      With matching flanges34013026274,012,71,3
      With matching flanges24211512334,07,21,3
      With matching flanges24011514334,07,21,3
      With matching flanges24011514334,07,21,3
      With matching flanges29213520334,012,31,3</td>
      With matching flanges30413522334,012,31,3
      With matching flanges30413522334,013,31,3
      With matching flanges32415028365,516,11,3
      With matching flanges37214929335,516,51,3
      Table of the main sizes of RTCO10 valves of coupling connection, coupling for welding and butt welding
      DNConnection to the pipelinePN, MPaDimensions, mmCarvingWeight, kgRice.
      15Coupling 9060----1/2"1,31
      Coupling for welding1,6…16,021,79,5---1,5
      Butt welding --193,5-1,4
      Butt welding20,0--234,5-1,4
      Butt welding25,0--214,5-1,4
      20Coupling 11065----3/4"21
      Coupling for welding1,6…16,0279,5---1,5
      Butt welding --264-1,4
      Butt welding20,0--295-1,4
      Butt welding25,0--274-1,4
      25Coupling 13075----1"2,21
      Coupling for welding1,6…16,033,89,5---1,5
      Butt welding --334-1,4
      Butt welding20,0--365,5-1,4
      Butt welding25,0--335,5-1,4
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