Flange wedge gate valve 31c41nzh

Flange wedge gate valve 31c41nzh #0
Flange wedge gate valve 31c41nzh #0
  • Diameter (DN): 40
  • Pressure PN: 1.6
  • Material: Steel
  • Connection type: Flanged
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  • Type:РТЗК 14
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    • Diameter (DN): 40
    • Pressure PN: 1.6
    • Body: Steel 25
    • Material: Steel
    • Working environment: Steam, water, liquid and gaseous petroleum products, natural gas, aggressive media.
    • Connection type: Flanged
    • T° of the medium: -60° to + 450°C
    • Function: Shut - off
    • Management: Manual
    • Weight: 17.5kg
    • Tightness class: A according to GOST 9544-2015
  • Flanged steel gate valves 31c41nzh are used as shut-off devices on technological lines of the oil-producing and oil-refining industry, energy and utilities.

    The delivery of a flange gate valve with mating flanges includes: a flange gate valve complete with mating flanges, fasteners and gaskets.

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