Why do I need to crimp the valve

Most often, residents of houses and apartments remember about the plumbing or heating system at the time of its breakdown. However, it is not necessary to wait for an accident of engineering networks to then spend a lot of time and effort on its elimination. One of the proven options for preventing damage of this type is the crimping of shut-off valves, as the most unreliable element of networks.

Regulations of pressure testing measures

The reason for checking the reinforcement elements may be the following:

Strictly speaking, after any type of work on the heat or water supply system, it is necessary to carry out crimping. Only in this way is its tightness checked.

Mandatory procedures

The crimping of reinforcement units is understood as their verification in the mode of excess pressure. Suburban systems designed for an internal pressure of 1.8 atm. are subjected to a load of 2 atm during the tests. Such a reserve of values serves as a guarantee of the reliability of communications when working in normal mode.

The procedure for testing heating networks in multi-storey buildings:

The absence of leaks during the tests indicates the readiness of the networks for the heating season. Leaks are detected visually or with the help of a pressure gauge: a decrease in its readings after pressure injection will indicate a lack of tightness. As practice shows, low-quality nodes begin to leak immediately after exceeding the operating level.

Crimping of fittings is the simplest and most proven way of testing water supply networks and their constituent elements. Experienced plumbers are invited to conduct tests.