Which pipes are suitable for a country house

The final stage of the construction of a country house is the laying of communications. Among the pipes present on the market, it is recommended to choose products made of the following materials in order to achieve durability and safety of water supply:

Polypropylene pipes

One of the most common options due to the advantages:

Excellent for supplying drinking water to a private house. They are able to serve without accidents for about fifty years. The inner surface of such pipes is not polluted, the products have good dielectric, thermal insulation and sound insulation properties. Polypropylene pipes help to create an aesthetic pipeline.

Stainless Steel Pipes

They are characterized by high strength and resistance to negative environmental influences. Thanks to this, they are universal. They differ in the grade of steel, size, type of seam, which affects the scope of application. It goes well with pipe fittings, for example, a reverse flange gate.

The main types of stainless steel pipes:

Stainless steel contains components that have a beneficial effect on the characteristics of the pipe. These include molybdenum, nickel, titanium, niobium and other metals.

Polyethylene pipes

The properties of polyethylene pipes are similar to the features of polypropylene pipes. The main advantages are:

Polyethylene pipes can last an average of thirty to fifty years. The material has elasticity, so even with significant deformations, the pipe can remain intact. It is not afraid of temperature changes: when freezing, it expands, and when the ice melts, it takes on the same dimensions without breaking. This makes polypropylene pipes universal and in demand not only in private housing construction, but also in industry.